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        The Company Successfully Completed 2021 QES Surveillance Audit
        Source:www.bnorama.com      Post time:11,2021

            November 22 to 23. 2021. a panel of three professional assessors from the China Quality Certification Center (CQC) executed supervision and audit for our company’s “Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety” management system.


          During the audit process, the company’s leaders had in-depth communication with the audit team, helping them better understand the company’s development path, operating conditions, and system operation. The general manager of the company, Xu Zhaoxin attended the audit meeting and introduced the company in detail. The audit followed the standards of ISO9001:2015. ISO14001:2015. and ISO45001:2018; confirmed the conformity and effectiveness of the company’s system operation through various methods, such as sampling inspection, data investigation, on-site observation, inquiry communication, etc.



          Through the audit, the assessors fully affirmed the operation quality of our company’s “Three System”. Specially, they gave high compliments about the effectiveness of the management system’s institutionalization, standardization and Scientific, which were achieved by our continuous efforts in the establishment, implementation and improvement of our management system. They agreed that the company had passed the 2021 supervision and audit, and continued to keep the registration qualification of QES management system certification.

          At the last meeting, the company’s general manager Zaoxin Xu delivered a speech on this external supervision and audit. He expressed appreciation for the audit panel’s patient guidance and promised that the company would analyze and rectify the existing deficiencies, pursuing continuous improvement. Based on the QES management system, we will continuously improve the management level, ensure that the company’s QES management system operates in a healthy, orderly, and effective way.

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