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        Our company exhibited at The Fourth China (Ordos) International Cashmere and Wool Exhibition
        Source:www.bnorama.com      Post time:30,2021-10

           The exhibition was organized by China Chamber of International Commerce ICC and hosted by Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Council for the promotion of Trade and Ordos Municipal Government On October 10.


          The theme of exhibition is“Chinese Cashmere Warm the World”, which consists of nine exhibition areas, such as apparel, accessories, raw materials, business negotiation, and square cabin cloud, etc. The exhibition area is total 20.000 square meters, with 190 booths, more than 130 exhibitors from home and abroad, more than 200 purchasers were attended.



        Foreign friends visited our unit.

          During the three-day exhibition (October 10-12), ZYINTEX attracted numerous of exhibitors, and our staff communicated with exhibitors with enthusiasm and patience. The features and advantages of the exhibits are fully demonstrated by the wonderful explanations of our staff.

          The fourth China (Ordos) International Cashmere and Wool Exhibition provides a favorable platform for us to describe the high-quality development of the wool industry. In order to build a new industrial chain system, we need to continually create in intelligent manufacturing, sustainable development, digitalization,etc in the future, and promote the upgrading of cashmere textile industry with technological innovation, and promote the healthy and sustainable development of the whole industry.

          ZYINTEX will take a more mature and professional attitude to build a new generation of high-end textile manufacturing enterprises, to provide world-wide excellent wool products, to try our best to prosper the development of the Chinese wool industry.

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