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        The Wool carbonization production workshop of Datong Zyintex Technology co.,ltd. Started officially
        Source:www.bnorama.com      Post time:17,2021-9

           The No.2 Scouring Factory of Datong Zyintex Technology co.,ltd. Are completed.It is 11832㎡ and departed into two part:Wool carbonization production workshop,Local wool scouring workshop.The local wool scouring workshop are already started production at the beginning of August,and the wool carbonization production workshop are also started the production on twenty-third August.

          Our Carbon-scouring production line is the only one in our country which using the special removal of miscellaneous processes.It can produce 5000 tons of carbonized wool per year,the value will be 400 million RMB, and we plan to set up three same production line in three years.
          Our wool carbonization production workshop has the 2M production line which is international advanced.The whole production line are designed by the New Zealand technical Team James and they offered us all the  technological guidance,The production line adopts the world's most advanced dust removal process to achieve the effect of grass ash separation.it is not only keep the Clean of the workshop working environment,but also avoid the occupational hazards caused by workers from long-term exposure to dust.
          The officially starting of the wool carbonization production line means we had the basic of strategic planning of the whole industrial chain,and it is the sign of we are upgraded on the Carbon technology in China.Also it has the very important meaning of Progress and development of the domestic textile industry.
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