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        Zyintex Audited for the RWS standard
        Source:www.bnorama.com      Post time:17,2021-9

           The specialist from Control Union Certifications(Shanghai)Co.,Ltd. Did the Quality System Audit for our RWS system on third September. The Audit range included:Production Department,General Office,Scouring Factory 1,Top Making Factory-Workshop 1,Supply Department,Sales Department,QC Department.And they did the audition of Production Processing,Purchasing Control,Supplier Management,Storage Management,Sales Management, Workshop visualization management, identification, and traceability management etc.


          The executive manager Xu Zao Xin expressed the welcome to the specialist and introduced the development state,quality situation and the management.He expressed clearly that the Audition this time is consisted of RWS standard and CCS standard on the base of the QES system.As this is the first audition after we ran the system, it also has important meaning for upgrading the production and quality.Every department are ready for the audition,in the mean time we will catch the chance from the rectification of the problems found to complete the whole system;to upgrade the management level of us in the condition of pass the audition.After the meeting,the chief of office Hou Su Wei accompany the specialists visited our Workshop,Lab,Storage of materiel and finished product etc.
          After the audition, the specialist from the  Control Union Certifications(Shanghai)Co.,Ltd.thinks that we are basically pass the audition, and they will award us the The RWS Management System Qualification Certificate after we finished the effective rectification of non-conformity items.
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