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        Hongwen Wu, Party Secretary and Director of Shanxi Provincial Ministry of Industry and Information T
        Source:      Post time:1,2022

          On the morning of January 11th, Hongwen Wu, party secretary and director of the Shanxi Provincial Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, visited our company with his delegation, investigating the project construction work of our company. Yunxia Ma, a member of the Party group, deputy director of the department and first-class inspector; Lin Yan, a member of the Party group and deputy director of the department; Hu Jing, the deputy mayor of Datong City and principal of relevant departments in Ministry of Industry and Information Technology; as well as other principals in the relevant departments participated in the investigation.




          Director Wu and his delegation investigated our company’s First Scouring Plant, the First and Second Stripe Factory, Transfer Warehouse and Carbonization Plant. President WenmingFeng and vice general manager Qiang Liu accompanied them to introduce the operational situation in the company. During the investigation,Wenhong Wu inquired about the company’s technology, production process, market management, production capacity and construction process of the projects, fully understanding the problems and difficulties that the company currently faces.



          Director Wu highly appreciated the project construction and development of our company. He gave special emphasis on accelerating the innovation in technology, products, and operation modes; introducing high-level talents and continuously improving the technical content and comprehensive benefits of products. He said that Datong Zyintex Textile Technology Co. is one of the key projects of Shanxi province, so the Provincial Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will fully aggregate resources, consider the company’s projects, and provide all-round support for the project construction in aspects of technology reform investment and special electricity price for the emerging industries, so as to boost the high-quality development of Datong industrial economy.

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